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Are you sick of cleaning your house? Do you hate to return home to a dirty house after a long day at work? If so, it might be time to hire a professional cleaner. Cleaners can do all the heavy-duty cleaning that most people don't have time for.

But what services do cleaners offer? Let's break down some of the most common service options.

Deep Cleaning 

Deep cleaning focuses heavily on the bathroom and kitchen areas. This type of cleaning is different from standard home cleans because the home cleaner focuses on getting rid of grime and dirt in hard-to-reach places like under sinks, behind bookshelves, or inside cabinets.

A big part of deep cleaning involves getting rid of all that dirt you've got hiding in crevices, kitchen cabinets, under kitchen appliances.

If you schedule a deep cleaning, you may expect the service provider to offer the following:

  • Dusting or washing the blinds
  • Wipe down the inside of closets
  • Wipe out the inside of the washer and dryer
  • Scrub baseboards
  • Wipe down doors, doorknobs, and door frames
  • Clean out drawers and wipe down inside cabinets
  • Clean the inside of the oven
  • Wipe down the inside of the fridge and freezer
  • Spot cleaning walls (full wall washing is a project on its own)
  • Clean the windows

If you plan on hosting Super Bowl, baby shower, or graduation party at home, a deep cleaning before and after the event can be very helpful.

Move In or Out Cleaning

This is sometimes referred to as a vacancy cleaning service. It's no secret that moving can be stressful. Hiring professionals for a deep clean before moving in can reduce the stress of moving.

Make sure to be clear that you are looking for help with moving into or out of a home when requesting service. Some service providers do not offer the service and can walk away from the job on the day of the service, something you want to avoid especially if you are moving out and need to be moved out by a certain date.

Most move-in or move out cleaning services include deep cleaning tasks already. If you have specific requirements or priorities, you should always discuss them with your service provider during booking. This helps the cleaners prepare for the service.

Routine Cleaning ask about our cleaning Subscription Service

In this type of cleaning service, the cleaners come regularly based on what best suits your schedule, whether on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. Because routine cleaning is more frequent, focus of the service is about up-keeping and maintaining the cleanliness and tidiness of the home.

Most routine cleaning services consist of the following:

  • Wiping windows and mirrors
  • Vacuuming carpets and rugs
  • Cleaning the kitchen – taking out the trash and wiping surfaces
  • Tidying up the house
  • Sweeping, cleaning, or mopping floors
  • Removing cobwebs
  • Wiping surfaces including appliances and fixtures
  • Cleaning the bathrooms – bath, toilet, sink, mirrors

Housekeeping Service

If you have specific requests that aren’t generally included in standard house cleaning, a maid service or housekeeping service is the best option. Most housekeeper or maid who provide house cleaning not only perform tasks mentioned in the lists above but also help with household chores around the house such as laundry and dishes. There are, however, limitations to what they can do. 

Caregiving is not at all the same as housekeeping, cleaning, or maid service. If you are really looking for a caregiver to help with caregiving duties and cleaning service, you should hire a caregiving who also cleans rather than a cleaner who also provides care. Most cleaning service providers do not offer caregiving.

What is Not Included in a Typical House Cleaning Service

Every cleaning company and service professional has different requirements and limitations. Do not assume that all cleaning services are the same. Here are four things that we have observed most professional cleaners do not offer:

  • Taking care of your pets or kids
  • Grocery shopping
  • Removing stains from surfaces
  • Handle biohazards materials
  • Yardwork

There are companies or professionals that specialise in handling the types of requests above. Don’t assume cleaners will do anything.

What To Do Before Your Cleaner Comes

There's not much you need to do in preparation for home cleaning services, but these three tips can help you get the most out of your investment.

Tidy Up Before the Cleaner Arrives

If you want your cleaner to be efficient, make sure that they are not wasting time organising your house, tidy up before they arrive by putting away clothes, books, or things on the floor. Most cleaning professionals charge by the hours, so if cleaning is important to you, tidying up for your cleaner can give your cleaner 30 minutes to an hour of extra time to focus on cleaning.

If you do want someone to help with tidying up your home, ask your service provider during booking if they can help with that.

Discuss Your Needs and Expectations

This is what most service providers called “priorities.” In the end, what really matters is you’re you are satisfied with the service for the price you pay. Help your cleaner out by providing clear instructions for what needs to be done in order of priority. 

If you are paying by the hour and want to keep within a budget, tell the cleaner before he or she starts. This way, the cleaner can check your priorities or to do list against the time allotted and let you know upfront if he or she expect any issues.

Keep Pets Away

Don't make pets a distraction for your cleaner. Make sure your furry friend is in another room or under control before they start cleaning. Professional house cleaners will get the job done quickly and efficiently if they are not constantly distracted.

Some cleaners are allergic to cats, and some may be scared of dogs, no matter how friendly your pets may be.

Common House Cleaning Questions

Do I Need to Prepare Cleaning Supplies and Equipment?

Most professional house cleaners bring their own supplies. If you have preference for certain brands or types of products, mention them during booking.

Or, if you have your own products or equipment for your cleaner to use, mention that during booking. Some service providers may not feel comfortable using products or equipment they are not familiar.

Does Maid Service Include Laundry or Dishes?

Do you want your dirty clothes washed, dried, and folded or hung? Most maid services can do that as part of the cleaning service. You just have to ask during booking so there's no misunderstanding on what type of service is required.

Is a Cleaning Service Worth It?

Surely, you have heard the old saying that "a clean house is a happy house." Yes, you can clean your own home. So, house cleaning service might seem like an unnecessary expense, but having professionals supplement your cleaning chores is a worthwhile investment. You'll avoid hours of tedious work and free up time for other more important things.

Why Book a Cleaning Service?

House cleaning is a tall order for anyone. When you're at home with small kids or busy with work, it’s often the last thing you want to do. You also may not know what products to use or not to use for certain surfaces or hard to clean spots.

Find a local professional cleaning professional with experience and great reviews. Every cleaning company or service provider has different rules and limitations. Discuss your priorities during booking and be clear about what your expectations are. 

A typical cleaning service can include dusting and vacuuming floors, wiping down surfaces in the bathroom and kitchen, emptying trash cans, scrubbing sinks and toilets, washing dishes and doing laundry (double check during booking), and cleaning out difficult to reach areas like under beds.

Post construction house cleaning services may include:

      • All surfaces and fixtures
      • Cabinets and cupboards inside and out
      • Sinks, toilets, bathtubs, and showers
      • Interior window
      • Walls (spot cleaning)
      • Light fixture
      • Carpets (vacuuming only)
      • Tile, stone, or wood floors
      • Bathroom fixtures / Kitchen fixtures 



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